Sunday, August 29, 2021

Another Hug for Cancer Therapy Quilt

 I've said it once and will say it again! Quilting for Charity Groups are everywhere, because ...admit it....we love to buy fabric! We love to cut it up and play with it! And we can only use so many quilts for ourselves! And Then!!! There is this superb streak of generosity from quilters all over the world!

This one was created for a sweet gentleman I've worked with and since retired. He is fighting his fight in a rehabilitation ward in Florida and giving it his all. 

The pattern is a Modification of  Pat Sloan's Oh My Stars! and you can find the free version at the link. Follow along at her blog for more news and her You Tube for some fun daily tutorials and shares.

I used this beautiful farm print in the stars for the front and gorgeous falling oak leaves on the back to a  give it a nice outdoorsman feel. This one has been mailed off and I just know he is comforted with it.


Thursday, August 19, 2021

Orange You Glad!


Oh dear! With illnesses in the household and my husband hospitalize yesterday, I nearly let this slip my mind. In all fairness, I’ll be brief in sharing today.

Living in Florida means Sunshine and Citrus! I’m following along with Bev of Flamingo Toes in her Christmas Adventure Sew Along. My row for the past week was meant to resemble pumpkins to match the Kitty Corn fabric line... but I must say!!!! Oranges is truly what I’m seeing! I've not been much for sewing

this past week, but wanted to share what I've got completed so far.

You are welcome to join by finding her pattern that is availabile at her site! And while you are here, join me in checking out all the other brilliant Orange ideas and projects by my friends. 
Thank You Carla For Hosting, I'm looking forward to seeing all the great projects once I'm back to full strength and have my husband home!

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Charity Quilt Teams - A Hug for Cancer Therapy

Quilting for Charity Groups are everywhere, because ...admit it....we love to buy fabric! We love to cut it up and play with it! And we can only use so many quilts for ourselves! And Then!!! There is this superb streak of generosity from quilters all over the world!

Today I'm teaming up with Jo Kramer at Jo's Country Junction to sandwich and finish up some quilts for great causes. Jo has been a volunteer because of a true desire and tribute to her own 'giving' parents. You can read all about her at her landing page for Charity Quilts.

Recently, I received a package from Jo to share with those in need of a "hug". I'll be showing off here and forwarding a picture to Jo for sharing at her blog as well. 

This was donated Anonymously to Jo and forwarded onto to me for finishing. The backing fabric was provided and I generously pin-basted to practice some in-the-hoop quilting motifs.

I found this great lattice print in my stash that went perfectly with it. I cut a 2 1/2 in. strip to create the perfect matching double-fold binding!

Add im some pratice swirls and embroidery motifs for the borders! And wa-laa! No quilt is finished until it has a Lovely Photo Shoot!

This quilt has been sent off for some comfort for a cancer patient in Michigan. It's a Warm Hug Quilt to wrap themselves in when in need of a little extra self-care. Thanks Jo! for including me in your team of generous quilters!
~be a reason someone smiles~

If you are wishing to donate fabrics or unfinished quilts to various causes, you can participate by contacting Jo at her page here, browse through her list of charity quilters here or you  can contact me directly.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

It's a Guy Thing! Blog Hop


  It's A Guy Thing- Who says hunting and fishing are for guys anyway? 

Carol of Just Let Me Quilt is hosting this fun blog hop. Check out all the participants after my share!

I am using all fall colors for the upcoming hunting season for one of our cabin quilts. We don't have a cabin YET, but I'm still collecting things for it. And we will have hunting guests in our home again this year! 

I love having themed items all around!

  I played around with the color strip on the side of the focal fabric and chose to make a bed-sized quilt. I've yet to quilt it and testing a ome in-the-hoop quilting designs. I've been practicing so that this will turn out with a little less flaws than I would normally make. 

All of those cute animals on the light background print will make the backing for the quilt. Perfect for the huntsmen in my tribe!

thanks for joining me! Now go check out everyone else!


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Monday, July 26, 2021

Quilt Journal - Butterfly Churn Dash

 The Churn Dash has gone by other names such as the Broken Plate, Monkey Wrench, Hole in the Barn Door & Shoo Fly. There are many other names published since early 1800 to the mid 1800's and it is so fun to research back to find bits of information about the quilt blocks and the woment that sewed them.

This one was made with a gorgeous butterfly print with a tiny bit of shimmer in it. It was most likely made in 2015 and finished in February of 2016. The binding was created with the same butterfly fabrics - finished out as a twin or toddler bed size. 

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Crown Royal Quilts - A Quilting Journal


TONY’S CROWN ROYAL QUILT – started maybe sometime in 2014 and completed in JANUARY 2016 (made while in Spencer, WV & St. Leonard, MD)

Pattern: Wedding Ring Quilt (I'm not certain of the extact name but "Sarah" comes to mind)

Quilted by Macel Bowe of Peniel WV

Aftern many years of not creating and sewing, I started taking interest in a quilting again when my husband bought an antique quilting frame in Morgantown, WV. I joined a local Quilting Bees group at the Roane County COA sometime in 2014. This is the pattern chosen for a "quilt and share". I used the Crown Royal bags sparsely because Tony wanted a quilt made of them. For a true "first" quilt, this seemed a pretty difficult pattern because I had no knowledge of 1/4" seams, squaring up know...Just the basics was totally foreign to me. I'm still glad I attempted it because it gave me confidence to continue.

Has anyone besides myself noticed that those Crown Royal bags are now made with an inferior type of fabric? When cut, they fray and unravel in an ugly mess. I'll be checking my stash for the older type for any future projects.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Quilting Journal - Little Sam

 Farmer Sam – made for my nephew, Cody – around 1995 (made in Cottageville, WV)

I was a very new quilter, this isn’t really a quilt so much as a blanket. I hand stitched a blanket stitch around the little boy and the very wide border. Not knowing much about 'quilting', I used yarn to knot the quilt. Photo was taken in 2020. This quilt probably needs a label on it. I'm certain I was not signing any blankets or quilts back then.


I've taken my cue to seriously document my quilts and my attempts to quilt from Pat Sloan. She is gathering her quilts for documentation and dispersing those she is willing to part with. As I've given many away already, I will not have updated photos or great photography. I was hoping to have a record of my own and this is a challenge I really think I can commit myself to. When or if I do find I have a new photo opportunity with each quilt, I'll share that too. 

If anyone knows this little boy's true pattern name, let know :)