Wednesday, September 20, 2023

It's A Dog's Life

Lots  of sharing, showing off our beautiful little dogs (and cats) and enjoying each other's company! This happens when Joan of Moosestash Quilting and Carol of Just Let Me Quilt challenge us to stitch up something for Sew It - Show It!

September's challenge is hosted by Carol - This month Carol prompted "It's A Dog's Life" - How true is that? We all love our little furry friends and they pretty much boss us around. (The alternative challenge was to think vintage - I'm thinking Dick, Jane & Spot. I taught my baby brother to read with those books!


This month, I found a cute embroidery pattern and stitched it onto a coaster to gift to a sweet friend my husband and I just met. They have a new dog too! Sugar-bear... The stitch out is in honor of their newest family member.

You can find the design at Embroidery

Please stop by all the other participants to see what they've created to share with us! An aside note, my Lil' Apple Jack loves wearing her sweaters. She acts like we've treated her extra special when she wears one. It was a little cooler when we left for vacation from Florida to West Viriginia. Poor little gal was shivering! Problem solved!


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Friday, September 15, 2023

Sew It - Show It Challenge Coming Up!


Just a lot of sharing and enjoying each other's company! This is happening every month with Joan of Moosestash Quilting and Carol of Just Let Me Quilt. They share a challenge for anyone that wishes to join and we in turn grab up the challenge and stitch something up for share and tell!

We provide inspiration, encouragement and friendship. Sometimes there are tutorials and patterns provided. Sometimes there are just witty and genius ideas shared.

This month Carol challenged/ and is hosting "It's A Dog's Life" - sew/stitch a project that is dog related. We can all relate! So many of us just simply cannot go any where without our little furry. (There is an alternative to use something / do something vintage...I'm thinking Dick, Jane & Spot. Who remembers reading those learning sources?)

Here's a sneak peak of Apple Jack - Fully Known as Lil' Emily Apple Jack! Tune in to see her all grown up!

Wishing you all will join me as well as all my quilty friends next week. See this Fabulous Line-Up!

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Making a Come Back

 I've missed you, my quilty friends - my inspiration - my source of happy communication with like-minded people. I've missed you so much that I've decided to be a part of the online blogging community again! 

A Photo for Today! Let's see if I can keep this up. A Photo for the Day, No explanations. And see where it leads me. 

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Another Hug for Cancer Therapy Quilt

 I've said it once and will say it again! Quilting for Charity Groups are everywhere, because ...admit it....we love to buy fabric! We love to cut it up and play with it! And we can only use so many quilts for ourselves! And Then!!! There is this superb streak of generosity from quilters all over the world!

This one was created for a sweet gentleman I've worked with and since retired. He is fighting his fight in a rehabilitation ward in Florida and giving it his all. 

The pattern is a Modification of  Pat Sloan's Oh My Stars! and you can find the free version at the link. Follow along at her blog for more news and her You Tube for some fun daily tutorials and shares.

I used this beautiful farm print in the stars for the front and gorgeous falling oak leaves on the back to a  give it a nice outdoorsman feel. This one has been mailed off and I just know he is comforted with it.


Thursday, August 19, 2021

Orange You Glad!


Oh dear! With illnesses in the household and my husband hospitalize yesterday, I nearly let this slip my mind. In all fairness, I’ll be brief in sharing today.

Living in Florida means Sunshine and Citrus! I’m following along with Bev of Flamingo Toes in her Christmas Adventure Sew Along. My row for the past week was meant to resemble pumpkins to match the Kitty Corn fabric line... but I must say!!!! Oranges is truly what I’m seeing! I've not been much for sewing

this past week, but wanted to share what I've got completed so far.

You are welcome to join by finding her pattern that is availabile at her site! And while you are here, join me in checking out all the other brilliant Orange ideas and projects by my friends. 
Thank You Carla For Hosting, I'm looking forward to seeing all the great projects once I'm back to full strength and have my husband home!

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Charity Quilt Teams - A Hug for Cancer Therapy

Quilting for Charity Groups are everywhere, because ...admit it....we love to buy fabric! We love to cut it up and play with it! And we can only use so many quilts for ourselves! And Then!!! There is this superb streak of generosity from quilters all over the world!

Today I'm teaming up with Jo Kramer at Jo's Country Junction to sandwich and finish up some quilts for great causes. Jo has been a volunteer because of a true desire and tribute to her own 'giving' parents. You can read all about her at her landing page for Charity Quilts.

Recently, I received a package from Jo to share with those in need of a "hug". I'll be showing off here and forwarding a picture to Jo for sharing at her blog as well. 

This was donated Anonymously to Jo and forwarded onto to me for finishing. The backing fabric was provided and I generously pin-basted to practice some in-the-hoop quilting motifs.

I found this great lattice print in my stash that went perfectly with it. I cut a 2 1/2 in. strip to create the perfect matching double-fold binding!

Add im some pratice swirls and embroidery motifs for the borders! And wa-laa! No quilt is finished until it has a Lovely Photo Shoot!

This quilt has been sent off for some comfort for a cancer patient in Michigan. It's a Warm Hug Quilt to wrap themselves in when in need of a little extra self-care. Thanks Jo! for including me in your team of generous quilters!
~be a reason someone smiles~

If you are wishing to donate fabrics or unfinished quilts to various causes, you can participate by contacting Jo at her page here, browse through her list of charity quilters here or you  can contact me directly.