Tuesday, December 20, 2016

2017 Goal Planning Party with Quilting JetGirl

I am so excited to being joining in with all the other quilters as a part of the Quilting JetGirl Planning Party at http://quiltingjetgirl.com/2016/12/15/2017-planning-linky-party/  for 2017! I am a new blogger and looking forward to hearing from each and every one of you!

I have visited through all the other blogs sharing their reviews and goals and somehow feel like I just don't measure up! Alas, I am going set some goals for myself and to start, I will not compare mine with others. I will enjoy the journey and friendships that develop along the way!

In no particular order:

a) I want to learn the blogging world, stretch beyond my comfort level and acquire new skills with the technology.

b) I aim to continue being a part of Pat Sloan's yearly mystery BOM. You can find the details here. http://blog.patsloan.com/2016/12/my-2017-free-mystery-bom-the-childrens-library-supply-list.html 
I enjoyed participating the past two years and have seen my skill in quilting improve immensely! Did I mentioned I started learning the process only about three years ago! I am definitely a beginner!

C) And much like many of my quilty friends, I would like to keep a journal to log my quilts and keep myself to a more strict schedule with them.

My goal list is short, although there are many achievements that are hidden within each goal! I am looking forward to 2017! Aren't you?

Monday, December 19, 2016

Tragedy Occurs; Community Takes Action

It was my full intention to have a wonderful post about my goals all written and ready for Friday morning. Sometimes life gets in the way of plans and schedules. My brother's home burned late on Thursday night and I got word the next morning. Him and his wife both were able to get out with only what clothing they had on and one cell phone belonging to the wife. And fortunately all three of their dogs made it as well!
Photo Courtesy of http://www.ojcv.org/simmons.html of Operation Jackson County Veterans. With great support from family, friends and community, my brother and his wife were able to stay the very next night on their own in another trailer that is in much need of repair. They were able to get water and power hooked up quickly and are replacing items such as light fixtures and hot water heater. I am friends with and on occasion join in my local Roane County Beehive Quilters at the Committee on Aging Center. We make and donate quilts to fire victims of our community. Although my brother is in another town, the lovely ladies were so kind to donate two beautiful quilts to help them make their home comfortable again. My brother was so appreciative not only of their work and contribution but of all the contributions the community has poured onto their threshold.
It is a wonderful feeling to be part of such a generous and loving community!

Thursday, December 15, 2016


It is so exciting to see other people's art work! I gather so much knowledge, encouragement and inspiration every time I view what someone else is currently working on! Many thanks to Lorna of sewfreshquilts.blogspot.com for sharing her "Let's Bee Social" Button. Find the linky on the side! What a clever way to continue the support and love in the quilting community! As a new blogger, I truly do thank you! Who loves to see a beautiful pile of fabric someone else is working on? Do you scan through every piece to see what you might be missing, checking out the cute little people or animals in each piece? I sure do! And I love seeing that pile cut into my units for piecing. I just can't help myself! I am overflowing with excitement!
Who is ready to Go Sew With Me?

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I Feel So Welcome!

What a wonderful treat it is to wake in the morning to the smell of coffee and kind, generous and encouraging words from some seriously talented people! I am so glad to become a part of such a lovely and generous group of men and women in the sewing and quilting industry and communities.

While browsing http://www.mmmquilts.com/, Sandra posted a photo of her work in progress of her Amazing! Scrap Vortex. I am swooning with all the colors! Go see her fabulous works of art. This brings to mind a wonderful quilt of my own.

I have to admit, I am an antique shop and thrift store junkie! I cannot help myself! And since my partner in life (my sweet husband) has the same addiction......well, let's just say we have the perfect Sunday dates together with coffee in hand.

While on our "date" I found This!

I looked and looked at it! I laid it on the floor. I asked if I could photo graph it. My husband said, "Buy it"! ~ I left without buying it. I told myself, hey I can make this!

A whole week went by and I couldn't get the quilt out of my mind. We went back the next weekend. A whole 90 minutes drive Away! I told my husband that if it was still there, I really did want it. Never the less, he said "I told you so!" Only a couple of dollars later and I was the very proud owner! Look at that color! It was washed and immediately put on the bed. For months now, as I settle in for the night I will look at each fan and the different small prints in each. This quilt makes me smile!

Monday, December 12, 2016

It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving~

I was approached once to make a quilt for someone to give as a gift~ My first reaction: "I don't make quilts to sell!" After much encouragement from a sweet friend I acquiesced and I am now onto the 2nd quilt I've sold (Yes! To a Friend!).

Just to make mention, I am a novice. I enjoy learning the art of quilting and all of my quilts are pretty much practice quilts. So selling was not really on my radar. I fall in love with the fabrics as I choose them, cut them up and piece them back together again. I don't want to sell these!

It helps me to let go of the quilt when I talk to my friend and gleaning ideas from them. What are they looking for? What is a favorite color they would choose and any other little tidbits about that person help me make the quilt theirs.

The Grandmother's Attic Window above has no panels, just the wonderful snowy outdoors!

The owner chose his option of fabric, the snow camo and really wanted something highlighting his dogs. The back of the quilt is a tribute to the dogs my friend loved. I must say! He was truly happy with his quilt~

Friday, December 9, 2016

Bless the New Day!

In response to the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day,  a huge giveaway campaign to help discover new blogging friends, I wanted to create my very own blog to participate in the frenzy by this time next year! How much fun could that be! I have found so many new faces and truly enjoyed each and every blog I came upon. All the wonderful quilting tips and ideas shared will be treasured and used! Each year hundreds of bloggers participate in the giveaway day so it will encourage you to find new "quilty" friends too. Welcome to my new blog in process, I hope you will take a look around, check out my journey and come back again.

To see all the wonderful bloggers participating in the 2016 Sew Mama Sew GiveAway Day! http://www.sewmamasew.com/2016/12/giveaway-day-sewing-craft-supplies-fabric-patterns-etc-4/
I also want to take a moment to thank Kristen and Beth of Sew Mama Sew for hosting the wonderful annual event!