Thursday, April 30, 2020

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

April's One Monthly Goal~ I SPY

I Spy with My Little Eye: I wish to make a Fun I Spy Quilt for my Sweet Love - My Little Grand baby Girl~ What A Fun Gift for a toddler! Using Fun Prints to get  a top pieced together will be my April Goal~


That's Her! No Spoon, No Clothes! No PROBLEM!

One Monthly Goal April Link-up

Friday, March 13, 2020

A Scraps Along Challenge with a 9-Patch OMG March Goal Completed~

I've been slicing and dicing into the scrap doing so, I've giving myself some usable quality units to sew into quilts! Otherwise, these piles have just been sitting around and putting a block on my creativity. There were modern prints, feed sack remnants and tidbits of other vintage pieces in the lot. I'll be joining Sherri of A Quilting Life in her March Scraps Along Challenge to use Mini Charms - those 2.5" x 2.5" mini squares of fabrics. They can be cut from scraps, jelly rolls or even purchased in cute little packs! Check out Sherri's blog to find some great projects and books to use up some of your mini charms!

I store them all in a  basket and sort by color. The blue stack was more bulky so that is the color picked out!
The baskets are a great storage solution: I can quickly view which color needs to be worked with first to diminish the pile.

I started these 9-patch units which quickly turned into a commission quilt - and set them on point. All stitched together they look great!. I'm so pleased with these blocks and the finished results! Can you guess I'll be moving onto teal/turquoise colors next?

Thursday, March 5, 2020

March OMG Goal - Dresdens and Scrappy Blue 9-Patch

Welcome again to a One Monthly Goal Challenge with Patty of Elm Street Quilts. To recapture January's post: My wish for 2020 is to have Balance in my life's activities. One of my quilting goals is to join Patty Dudek of Elm Street Quilts in her One Monthly Goal Link Up Party and follow through on some of my quilting challenges. It's quite simple to share what I'm working on if I keep to that Balance I'm talking about.

Another small quilting goal is to concentrate on projects at hand. I have so many started, yet so many incomplete. I wish to expand on that completion list, so this month I'm pulling out yet another stashed away from-long-ago project to work on in the midst of prepping and sewing up commission quilts and a few charity quilts.There's Balance going on there, right?

A quick overview of January's was not so much a long lost work in progress...
February's project....was definitely squirreled away for way too long! I'm so happy to say it is finished and gifted!

This Merry Month of March.....I am pulling out these beauties from a couple of years ago. I worked so diligently on selecting fabrics and stitching down the dresdens....then they got put away for that perfect setting. Well, I actually found the setting way back when also.... so that was an excuse.....By the end of the month I hope to be getting sashing & cornerstones cut for this beauty! Hope you'll be joining me!
And to Top it Off---a 2nd goal for the month!! This commission quilt needs to be quilted and binding sewn on to be finished! It has photos and a few embroidered words/names through out. What a beauty! Made mostly with scraps and newly purchased yardage for the background. I'm so in love with Blue this year! 2020!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

NICU Baby Quilts & Give Away with LouLou

I want to share a wonderful quilting program organized by LouLou’s Fabric Shop, Little Lou Quilts.  This program seeks to provide new, hand-made baby quilts to infants in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs).
LouLou's Fabric Shop is kicking off the program with a goal of collecting only 100 baby quilts by March 21,2020. They will collect, wash, package & deliver all donations to a pre-selected NICU. This collection of donations will be provided to a NICU in Oregon. You can find all of the details and guidelines here: Little Lou Quilts.

As an incentive, LouLou's Fabric shop is giving away three $50 Gift Cards. All quilters who send in a quilt prior to March 21 will be entered into the gift card drawing. Details of the giveaway are here: Little Lou Quilts Giveaway

You can always donate quilts at a later date if not possible to construct one by the deadline. Be sure to follow LouLou's Fabric Shop at Facebook and Instagram and Join Me in Donating a sweet blanket!

Monday, February 24, 2020

February OMG Goal - Pinwheels for Friends Is Competed

My Goal for February was to get these thrifted, triangle trims - turned into pinwheels - turned into a lap quilt...Quilted And Gifted to a Friend for her Birthday.
I opted for the bold print for backing so the birthday girl can use it picnicking, on the porch...wherever! 

It's her 50th Birthday!!!! Woohoot!!! She'll be opening this package up come Friday!

Monday, February 3, 2020

February 2020 OMG - Pinwheels for Friends

January seemed like such a long month this year! What a wonderful month to start new projects, finish old and make commitments for balance in your life.

February's challenge for myself will be to get a little lap quilt quilted and binding added to send off for a gift to a friend at the end of the month! I'm still I want snuggle flannel on the back???? February Birthdays call for Snuggles, Right?