Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Glamper Sewing Room Give-Away!

I travel quite a bit for work, so to keep up with some of my desire to sew... One of the "rooms" has been turned into my little sewing world. Currently the drawers and cabinets are filled to the brim and the sofa is piled high, but I want to Glamp It Up! I am looking for suggestions - how could this room be turned into the cutest little sewing room ever?

I am thinning out my small scrap bin and cutting 2.5 " mini charms to give away. They are definately going to be scrappy! To be eligible for the give away, leave me your ideas or suggestion in the comments section and follow me at Domestic Felicity I will close out the give away on Friday, February 1st!

The Winner of the Charms go to Barbara Woods!

Monday, January 28, 2019

WIP Storage Tip

I wanted to share a great storage tool that is a basic staple since I am always on the go with work!
These Poly Zip Pouches are fantastic. I use the Legal size which is a little wider than 10" and longer than 22" with a good fold in them for expand ability.

They are great to place all of your precut fabrics, threads, scissors and even the book or patterns you are working from. They are a great way to keep everything together without loosing some of those smaller pieces. And you can always store the whole project on a book shelf to come back to later without misplacing one single bit! No more worries about where that book went to!

And if you haven't recognized, this is yet another sneak peek into my project for the upcoming Dust Off an Old Quilt Book Blog Hop with Beaquilter in February!


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Vintage Quilt Sighting ~ An Update

I've had a couple of questions concerning the super cool quilt I came across and wanted to share a bit more.
1. I surely did not buy the quilt, I enjoy browsing and looking at the wonderful designs in antique and vintage quilts. Although, I am not a collector. I truly want to use the quilts I have on hand and those that I make. I enjoy knowing that there are people who will provide a much better service than what I could by preserving such treasures.
2. I am thinking this particular quilt was for sale ~ at around $875 but I may be remembering incorrectly.
3. I usually don't document which exact shop I find these beauties in: this one was in Cowpens, SC on main street and some of the shops in that area are Eight Gates AntiquesLillies Accessories and Antiques and Sweet Pea on Main. Such a quaint town with a Great Barbecue place too!

If anyone knnow the name of this particular block I would love to know. Thanks for sharing in the adventure with me!

Friday, January 18, 2019

A Flower Bouquet ~ A Planting Guide

When Pat Sloan mentioned a Planting Guide, it reminded me of the adorable Gardener's Journal by Mary Engelbreit that is stuck on my book shelf with all of my other gardener's companion books. I must get that out! The book is full of the most beautiful pictures, grids for planning and lots of gardening tips. You can get one for yourself at the link above or here.

And for the block inspired by a Planting Guide:


This was one I just had to get friendly with my seam ripper on! I normally leave my little mistakes but this block screamed at me to make it right!

And for some Summer Flower Love: Photos of My Little Flower Gardens ~

Thursday, January 17, 2019

It Was a Mess - I Must Confess

Always searching and always sorting. I had totes and baskets and boxes galore with no knowledge of what could possibly be in them!

Before Photos. I am so ashamed.

And a Work In Progress Photo, this was closer to Day 2 of working in that room!

The room is still kind of cluttered but not a working room, just extra room... and great for storage!
I folded all the fabric of equal width to get a great stacking system. Now I may be able to find Just the right fabric I was looking for!

And All those UFO's and WIPs - Yep, I can be held accountable! Plus look at those overflowing scrap bins! Guess who needs to work on Strips and Scraps?

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

January One Monthly Goal - The Mother In-Law

The Mother In Law was free-motion quilted, I am a work in progress! I am getting better at learning how to do this! Maybe a couple more smaller quilts and I will feel comfortable with it!
I chose this happy-looking polka dot for the binding. It follows so closely with all those gorgeous colors in the quilt!

And the backing is full of color too! Don't you just love a quilt that has so much personality!

Linking up with Patty At Elm Street Quilts for a January Finish!
I like that I have a dead-line to work against, it encourages me to actually Finish something! And this year I want to Finish Lots of Lingering projects.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Dust off A Quilt Book Blog Hop- The Chosen One!

The challenge for Dust off A Quilt Book Blog Hop with Bea at Beaquilter is to find an old quilting book and find a project to make from it! I've been wanting to do this for quite a while now and so glad that Bea offered us this challenge!

In anticipation of Easter and Spring, I chose Country Quilts for Friends by Margaret Peters & Anne Sutton - Published by C&T Publishing, 2004.

I can't share the project yet, but here is some lovely fabrics I've chosen for selected quilt! This is 

             Flora and Fawn by Amanda Herring for Riley Blake Designs 

The Blog Hop Runs Feb 18th through Feb 22nd! Come see all the lovely projects made by my quilty friends!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Bulbs for A Flower Bouquet with Pat Sloan

As promised, I will be sharing some of my gardening and flower photos during the journey making A Flower Bouquet. With the theme for this week titled "Bulbs" it was so appropriate to share some of the flowers I have growing from some of my favorite bulbs. The Gladiolas are timeless and look so stately. The Asiatic lilies have been a favorite of mine for years and I am stunned they are growing so well! And those Double Bloom Orange Lilies, I Just hope they come up this spring once again!

You can join in the sewing fun at I love to Make Quilts with Pat Sloan.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Daddy's Quilt ~

I have a running list for those I want to gift a quilt to. My dad should have been #1 on my list, and here we go 5 years later, I've yet to make one for him.... Until now! He is the most loving and best dad! He deserves only the best!

I used one of Moda Fabric's free patterns to construct the quilt. You find a fun assortment of their free patterns Here.

 I am eeking out a finish for this one, I will be adding the label soon and it will be ready to wrap.

 I am so excited, His birthday is December 22. Won't this be the best birthday surprise!

And Gifted on Dec 25th!

(quilt police? Yes. I am aware of a backward square...after it was quilted ....so it will stay that way~ He's still working on me ;) )

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Dust off A Quilt Book Blog Hop Line-Up

The Line-Up for Dust off A Quilt Book Blog Hop With Bea at Beaquilter has been announced! Coming Monday, February 18th through Friday, February 22nd!

Join us for a challenge in finding an old quilt book from your shelves and Actually Make Something From It! Now that is a challenge for sure, I have so many quilt books! O Sigh, In Love. I love Books! These are some of my latest haul from American Quilters Society! But oh, do I have some oldies too!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A Flower Bouquet with Pat Sloan

I enjoy making a fresh quilt with a wonderfully easy pattern to follow, and that is exactly what Pat Sloan at I Love To Make Quilts provides when she hosts a sew along. Her instructions are superb! I will following along for approximately 20 weeks of sewing to challenge myself a bit and to use some of the beautiful fabric in my stash cabinet.

One of my favorite hobbies is gardening and flowers so this theme blends perfectly with one of past times. I will be sharing some of my photos of my gardening as I journey on with Pat. You can find her introduction, supply list and patterns here for A Flower Bouquet of your own.

Cactus have been trendy the past couple of years and will most likely go out once I've used up the fabric I purchased with the cactus prints, so I decided to make a Cactus Bouquet. Succulents are just so interesting.
The climate in the area I live is not conducive to growing cactus although I do have a bit of luck with these hens and chicks.
This table top bouquet looks great in my camper!
And of course I cannot forget to add my Fabric Cactus Bouquet - Seed Packets!
I adore the fabric choices in this block, yet I am going to keep this one as a practice block and redo the color arrangement. There needs to be more definition between the water colors and the cactus prints for me to be satisfied. 

Happy Garden Planning and Happy Sewing All!

Monday, January 7, 2019

January One Monthly Goal

I chose not to join 2018's OMG with Patty at Elm Street Quilts and this year I've decided last minute that I've missed the encouragement from her and her followers.

This month I am challenging myself to completing some lingering projects. I want to see this one through to completion and ready for gifting. I am calling it the Mother-in-Law's Quilt and the reasoning behind the title: My mother-in-law gifted me the fabric for the quilt!