Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A Flower Bouquet with Pat Sloan

I enjoy making a fresh quilt with a wonderfully easy pattern to follow, and that is exactly what Pat Sloan at I Love To Make Quilts provides when she hosts a sew along. Her instructions are superb! I will following along for approximately 20 weeks of sewing to challenge myself a bit and to use some of the beautiful fabric in my stash cabinet.

One of my favorite hobbies is gardening and flowers so this theme blends perfectly with one of past times. I will be sharing some of my photos of my gardening as I journey on with Pat. You can find her introduction, supply list and patterns here for A Flower Bouquet of your own.

Cactus have been trendy the past couple of years and will most likely go out once I've used up the fabric I purchased with the cactus prints, so I decided to make a Cactus Bouquet. Succulents are just so interesting.
The climate in the area I live is not conducive to growing cactus although I do have a bit of luck with these hens and chicks.
This table top bouquet looks great in my camper!
And of course I cannot forget to add my Fabric Cactus Bouquet - Seed Packets!
I adore the fabric choices in this block, yet I am going to keep this one as a practice block and redo the color arrangement. There needs to be more definition between the water colors and the cactus prints for me to be satisfied. 

Happy Garden Planning and Happy Sewing All!


  1. liked your plant photos too. I love gardening as well, and thid Christmas got back into flower arranging a bit. In other words, I did one for me, my friend and my daughter and made two christmas wreaths. The term flower arranging sounds a bit queen mother!

    1. Sounds like a lot to me, I usually let my arranging stop right at the store bought bouquet!

  2. I love your fabric! And your photos go right along with it! I love Pat's QALs! I've learned so much doing them!