Friday, November 30, 2018

Dust Off A Quilt Book Blog Hop Coming February 2019

I love books! I love Quilt Books! And when someone says "Dust off a Quilt Book", why of course I say ~ "SURE!"

After collecting for so long my thoughts were that I would sew ONE quilt from each quilt book I own and then give it away.

Nope, cannot do it! Give the book away that is. I adore flipping through those pages, looking at the beautiful settings and stunning work. They are always inspiring me or just keeping me busy when I am unable to sit at my machine.

The challenge is to grab one of your old books, dust it off and make something from the book! Let's do this!

The blog hop is hosted by Bea @ Beaquilter. Be sure to check out all the info HERE!


  1. Maybe you're supposed to give the quilt away, not the book! I know what you mean, I end up loaning books to other quilters and not getting them back for a long time and I miss them!

    1. I've loaned only one, the person has forgotten about it and I don't have the heart to mention it. I'm sure it is lost somewhere in her mass of crafty creations and clutter. lol