Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Last Supper by Cranton Print Works Co.

I found this 36" x  44" inch panel by Cranton Print Works Company in one of my "Juntiquing" adventures and knew I just had to own it.  . . . Well, actually..... I found three and purchased them all for $2.95 for one with some mix-match remnants and  2.95 for both of the other two. Great score!

The first one I am quilting just as the panel itself for a prayer blanket/ snuggle blanket for my sweet mother-in-law. She was the very reason I Had to have these!

It will be quilted with straight lined quilting and I am using a soft polka-dot snuggle flannel for the backing and a lovely blue polka dot binding from QuiltBlocks of Fabric Editions, Inc.

You can find many more panels Cranton's Choice Fabrics and learn more about the employee owned company here.

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  1. Perfect panel! I think your mother in law is going to love this and be so comforted by it. You are the perfect daughter in law, in my opinion. Thanks for linking to Wednesday Wait Loss.